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Pictures Of The Moment

The “Old” Vine Street Inn–a collage of pictures


What an adorable bed and breakfast it was.  The home was built in 1887 and was located within walking distance to the downtown in Paso Robles, CA.  It was, and still is I believe, the only bed and breakfast located in Paso Robles proper and so close to the downtown area.  What a pleasure it was to own and run it for 5 years.  I loved all of my guests; cooking; gardening; and my lovely Anna who did all of the housekeeping immaculately as always.  Hugo, my toy poodle, was the perfect inn sitting dog.  He was hypoallergenic, didn’t shed, and loved people.  I think that my guests were more excited to see him than to see me.  When my guests would arrive at the front door, it was barely a glance at me, but “oh, Hugo” and they would attack and attach him in their arms.  Those were very glorious days indeed.  I miss inn keeping dreadfully, but I am so happy when I get to TempInnSit somewhere.