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Plate Fun for a Valentine Catering Dinner for Eight


IMG_3241 IMG_3238Flower forward, flower back, I love to see multiple colors on a white plate. The salmon flew in (not literally of course) today–fresh and not frozen–and it was delicious.  The asparagus, not pencil thin but delicious non-the- less, roasted along with sliced Meyers lemons was excellent and so was the couscous with dried apricots. A very Indian raita like flavorful sauce finished it off perfectly.  A  colorful dish for a fun Valentine’s dinner for 8 is fun to create.

From Margot’s Table to Yours

Menu for the February 9th dinner for Pat Wilson and Milt Adam


Caesar Salad Spears

Jumbo Shrimp Accompanied with Marmalade/Horseradish sauce


Oven Baked Cashew Pacific King Salmon

 Apricot Couscous

Spicy Yogurt Sauce

Lemon Lovers Asparagus

Red and Green Salad with Pears, Cheese and a Cranberry Vinaigrette

Big Wood Bread’s Crusty Sliced Baguette


Linzer Torte

Bon Appétit

Catered by Margot Van Horn

“From My Table to Yours”

Offering Special B&B Styled Menus

From Pat in regards to my catering a future dinner and the one I did for her:


“..  Good luck on another successful dinner.  Ours was certainly wonderful” Pat

From one of the guests present at her dinner:


“Darling Pat,

Such a lovely evening with eight compatible people.  Dinner was marvelous, you and Margo created a splendid meal”

Shari and Randy

(in regards to the picture I sent her for the plating design)

“Beautiful!!!  What a masterpiece you have created, Margot…cannot wait.”