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Fast, Easy & Economical “How To Make Fresh Peanut Butter”


33 15th & PB pics 026How to Make Fresh Peanut (or other nut) Butter in One Minute

(and save $ at the same time)


  1. Be sure blender container is completely dry.
  2. Empty 1 C. shelled roasted peanuts (6-8 oz. can/jar or other kind of nuts including mixed nuts), into container. Cover, and blend on HIGH speed for 5 seconds. 
  3. Add 1 to 2 Tblsp. Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, or your very favorite natural oil so that your nut butter will have the smooth consistency that you desire. Cover and blend on HIGH SPEED.
  4. LISTEN TO YOUR BLENDER TALK TO YOU! After about 10 seconds, the motor will begin to reach a high pitch.  This means it has done all the work at the moment that it will do on High Speed.  Turn motor to LOW and let the blades churn the ground nuts into peanut (whatever else) butter.  This will take about 60 seconds.  If necessary, stop the motor occasionally and stir the mixture down with a thin rubber spatula.
  5. Use the rubber spatula to remove the peanut (whatever) butter from the container.
  6. 1 Cup peanuts = ¾ C. (6 oz.) fresh peanut butter.  That amount can vary with the kind of nuts you use.
  7. Homemade nut butter is SO SUPERIOR to bought brands. This is so easy to make and so easy to serve to your guest for an extra compliment to the toasted breads that you serve along with your fresh homemade jams or farmers market fresh fruits.  As an additional plus, it’ll save you a bunch of $. 
  8. I’ve made this with pecans, sunflower seeds, mixed nuts, and of course, peanuts.  I’ve used nuts from all kinds of store sources including Trader Joes and the Dollar Store.  Just some hints I am throwing out for being a bit thrifty in hard economical times and making your guest happy in spite of it all.   
  9. By the way, very often I turn my jar of peanut(whatever) butter upside down in the frig.  That keeps the oil from sinking down to the bottom of the jar and therefore keeping the butter in a good consistency.
  10. Also, if you want something to put on top of the peanut butter, I often use sliced  fruit instead of jam.  That helps keep the calories down and it’s delicious as well.