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Taco or Tostada? (a breeze to fix and oh so good)


I love Mexican food and I fix many varieties of it in my home.  I’m sure I’m doing it totally non-traditionally, but my spirit Mexicana is there.  You may already fix these wonderful Mexican dishes in the easy, quick way I am going to describe, but if not—here is my muy facil Taco or Tostada recipe. 

Taco  or Tostada ?  (a breeze to fix and oh so good)

This serves one

One 8”( non-stick preferably) round pan-also great for making crepes

One small corn tortilla (I prefer the kind with no lard)

Stir fried ground turkey or ground round—about ½ to ¾ cup worth

Shredded cabbage or lettuce (I prefer cabbage)

Several tablespoons worth of Chipotle or regular Salsa-I like the medium heat

Several heaping tablespoons of the mixed variety of Mexican cheeses

Several heaping tablespoons of Greek Traditional Plain Yogurt or Sour Cream

One egg is you wish for a more Huevos Ranchero mode of tostada

Several heaping tablespoons of black beans or refried beans if you wish

Several tablespoons of chopped Cilantro

Place pan on high heat and when you drop a couple of drops of water into it and they skittle across, non-stick spray pan.

Turn heat to medium.

Place one corn tortilla in pan and let brown.

Turn tortilla over, turn heat down to medium low, (and place the beans if you wish), ground meat, (break an egg on top of this if you wish), top with salsa, cheese, and some of the cilantro.  Place a top that fits on the pan and let cook for several minutes until cheese is melted and if you have used beans till they are warm and if you have used an egg, till it is done.

Remove and serve topped with shredded cabbage/lettuce, more salsa if you wish and final topping of yogurt or sour cream.

If you wish taco style, fold it that way.  If you wish the tostada way, serve it open faced.

You can use your imagination for this and top it with fresh tomatoes, etc.

Buenos Apetito