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Minty Salad


Minty Salad

(This recipe serves 4 but you can easily make more or less)

I love fresh salads however, I must admit, I have not thought much about using chopped fresh mint in them.  This healthy ingredient has just recently been brought to my attention and so of course I had to look up (once again) to see the beneficial health properties that it contains.  They are briefly among others that aren’t mentioned: a relief for indigestion, heartburn and IBS symptoms; an antioxidant; a bacteria and fungus inhibitor; breathing, respiratory and congestion aide; a mild sedative and combatant for bad breath.  And besides all of that, it smells so fresh and adds a special zest to a salad. I think that as I, you will really enjoy it.  So, this is a salad that I’ve concocted to share with you.


Fresh mint chopped (about ½ C)(or more if you wish)

1 C. watercress leaves-stemmed

1 C. baby arugula

1 C. chopped green cabbage

1/3 C. chopped red onion

5 or more baby tomatoes sliced

1/2 fresh avocado bits (I spoon mine out of the shell.  Don’t throw it away and keep the seed. Put it back together as if it were never cut, wrap it in seran wrap, put in frig. for further use.)

Further ingredients that you can add are:

Chopped hard boiled egg


1/4 C. cooked Millet

Parmesan cheese shaved or goat cheese

For the dressing I use:(please use the amounts that suit your individual taste)

Rice Vinegar

Olive Oil


Bon Appetit


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