Orange Scented Pork & Veggie Stew


Orange-Scented Pork and Veggie Stew

Serves 6

The weather report is saying: tomorrow a little snow with rain; the day after a chance of sun, cloudy and partly cloudy and warmer with temps ranging from 30 to 60; the day after that a little snow with a chance of thunder; well you get my drift.  It’s spring and wait one minute because the weather will not be the same as it was the minute before.  Spring is fun and full of surprises. I’ve never down hilled with lightening and thunder looming overhead, however, the other day I thought that might have been a possibility. Anyway, one thing is for sure, here in our gorgeous mountains it’s perfect weather now to enjoy this wonderful stew.  Pork can be a nice surprise for the shopper in these difficult economic times because it’s usually priced very reasonably—depending on the cut of course.  A stew can use many different cuts of meat and in this recipe I actually used the thinner pork loin chops which truly were priced very well.  So, here you go and I hope that you’ll enjoy this as much as I have.


2 ½ Lbs. boneless pork shoulder cut into 2 inch cubes or I used the thinner pork loin chops (with a bone) cut the meat into cubes and inserted the chop’s bones in the cooking process.  I took the bone out before serving.


2 Tblsp. Olive Oil (more if needed)

2 Onions Diced or Thin Sliced (I like mine thin sliced)

1 Tblsp. Minced Garlic

2 Cups Italian Style Diced Tomatoes With Juice (if you wish a thicker stew, drain the tomatoes before adding them.)

1 Tblsp. Brown Sugar

Zest of 1 Orange (Removed in a 1 long strip if possible, if not, that’s OK)

3 C. Chicken Broth

1 C. Dry White Wine or Dry Vermouth

4 Carrots–halved lengthwise, then cut in 1” lengths

2 Parsnips- prepared like the carrots

4 Tblsp Chopped Fresh Mint Leaves

Vermicelli, for serving with the Stew—Rice is OK as well


1.        Parboil in very little water the carrots and parsnips for 3 minutes.

2.        Season pork with S&P. Place the olive oil in a large pot over medium heat and brown the pork for about 6 minutes.  Remove and set aside.

3.        Reduce the heat to low, adding more oil if needed, and cook the onions and garlic until soft, about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

4.        Add the tomatoes, sugar, orange zest, chicken broth, and white wine.  Return pork to the pot and bring to a boil over high heat.  Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer, partially covered for 1 hour. (If you used the thinner pork loin chops, the time may be only 30 to 45 minutes) Stir in carrots and 2 Tblsp.of the mint.  Season with some more S&P if needed. Cook partially covered until the pork is tender, about 15 minutes longer.  Remove and discard orange zest if you wish-however, I think it’s sort of fun to keep it in.

5.        Sprinkle with the remaining 2 tablespoons of mint and serve over the vermicelli or rice.

6.        Since you still have one left over orange this is what I serve the stew with: a fresh lettuce that has thinly sliced raw red onion and cut orange segments in it ;or I thin slice some Brussels sprouts and sauté them gently in a mixture of butter/olive oil and some brown sugar. Right before they are done, I add the cut orange segments.


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Margot is a self-taught enthusiastic & passionate cook. Having been an inn-keeper for 5 years at her own inn, she accumulated a lot of good recipes which she loves to share.



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Margot loves people and is very energetic and organized. She is also a quick study. Her background includes having renovated, owned and operated an 1887 Victorian bed and breakfast in Paso Robles, CA for 5 years. Her guests loved her and she loved her guests. What a perfect combination. Margot’s marketing skills and love of people also was used in her career as a Realtor and in participating in many charitable non-profit organizations. Margot loves to cook and to offer concierge services to people. She was born in Geneva, Switzerland.; has lived all over CA. including Beverly Hills, in the Silicon Valley area, Paso Robles, the San Joaquin Valley as well as in Sun Valley, ID. She has traveled extensively throughout the world; is a CAL alumni (go Bears!); and also speaks French fluently and Spanish semi-fluently. Her interests are people, cooking, arts, books (look at the blog book club and join if you wish), travel, sports, gardening, painting, music, playing classical piano and animals. Margot Van Horn 208-721-3551 PO Box 3788, Ketchum, ID.

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